Social Media Makes Promotes Toxic Jealousy

by Leah Peloff  ’18 It is widely known that social media can be bad for teen’s mental health. It may decrease one’s face-to-face interaction skills and can lead to obsession over likes, comments, followers, etc. But one huge problem stemming from social media use goes beyond these common criticisms of technology; they only show your best moments. The cool vacations, … Read More

God Over Government

by Russell Irons ‘19 In January of last year, the United States Army conceded in a long struggle between the Sikhs and the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. Sikhism is a religion that originated in India. Its adherents do not cut hair on their face or head, and wrap their hair in a turban. The purpose of growing out one’s hair … Read More

MCPS Needs to Act Fast on Lead Contamination

by Frank J. Platko ’18 Elevated lead levels have shown up in water samples taken from four public elementary schools and a middle school in Montgomery County, according to reports released this week. As part of a countywide, comprehensive analysis of drinking water across 205 schools, the first batch of returns came from fourteen schools, five whose drinking water contains elevated … Read More

Sports Illustrated Embraces Body Diversity

by Lucy Kuchma ’18 This spring season, Sports Illustrated has displayed its first set of swimwear shots featuring a plus-sized model. Hunter McGrady, a 24 year-old model from Los Angeles, struggled with body confidence in the modeling world for years which led her to develop an eating disorder. After battling Anorexia for most of her teenage years, McGrady decided that fitting … Read More

‘Trans-racial’ Isn’t a thing. It’s just racist.

by Sarah Nove ‘20 In the social media generation, there are certainly new patterns of thinking that have lead to the creation of some out-there ideas. Not all of these ideas are bad, but the idea of being “trans-racial”–that is a bad idea. The idea of being trans-racial is similar to being transgender, except instead of identifying as a different … Read More

Stop Censoring Students

by Kara Thompson ‘20 Here at Sherwood, English classes read a variety of books from different genres, most of which are considered classics. However, in many school systems across the country, these books are banned. Books such as To Kill a Mockingbird and The Lord of the Flies aren’t assigned on the basis that they are too violent, have racial … Read More

Macy’s Embraces Diversity

by Danielle Katz ’18 Macy’s launched a new modest clothing line this spring, bringing convenience and a sense of inclusivity to consumers who follow conservative dressing guidelines set by their religion. Developed by Lisa Vogl, a graduate of the Macy’s minority- and women-owned business development program, the new brand aims to offer more diversity into the world of fashion. The new … Read More

Increasing Texting-and-Driving Fines is a Good Idea

by Joshua Averbach ’18 The week of March 15, Maryland’s House of Delegates passed legislation that would increase the maximum texting-and-driving fine to $500 (currently, the maximum fines are $75 for the first offense, $125 for the second, and $175 for the third). Similar legislation passed the House in 2016 and 2017 but could not garner enough votes in the … Read More

End the “Better Dead than Disabled” Trope

by Dinah Aguilar ’19 After celebrity theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s death many other celebrities and Twitter users started sharing pictures and quotes as a tribute to him. With his motor neuron disease and ALS he was forced into a wheelchair at the age of 27. This did not stop him though as Hawking went on to become a professor of … Read More

Iranian Police Discriminate Against Women

by Vendela Krenkel ‘20 In Iran, where wearing a headscarf is mandatory for women, some young activists are protesting the absence of freedom of expression by uncovering their hair in community spaces. On International Women’s Day, more ladies acted out against the compulsory hijab laws in public demonstrations, some of which ended in violent attacks and arrests by Iranian police officers. … Read More