Political and Cultural Divide Fires Up Activist Movements

by Peter Niverth ‘18 With the country appearing to be split on basically every topic and division lines widening, more and more people continue to take to the streets in order to make sure that their voices are heard. And as President Donald Trump’s first year in the office enters its final three months, there is still plenty of topics … Read More

What Is ‘Antifa’?

by Lexi Matthews ‘18 In August, the nation was rattled when a white nationalist drove a car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and injuring dozens. President Trump’s now-infamous remarks on this tragedy being borne from “violence from many sides” incited great amounts of bipartisan anger, pain, and confusion. Above all, it begged one crucial question; … Read More

Policing Tactics Have Led To Creation of Conflicting Advocacy Organizations

by Ayana Antoine ‘20 Minority groups, particularly people of color, have frequently suffered throughout the history of the United States. The country has made significant progress, as seen in the 2008 election of a black man into the presidency. However, the struggle for racial equality and justice has had to continue to this day and much of the debate centers … Read More

Forum on Local Government Will Be Held at Sherwood HS

by Mallory Carlson ‘19 Every student at Sherwood is required to take NSL, an academic class on U.S. Government and Politics, whether it be on-level, honors, or AP. While the required government class leaves students with a concrete understanding of the federal government, it gives them only a vague understanding of their local government-at the county and state level. Many … Read More