Sherwood Already Planning for 2019 Graduation Ceremony

by Anika Mittu ’19

 Planning for the class of 2019’s graduation ceremony has been well underway for months, led by various administration members, committees, and senior class sponsor Maria Peterson as they ask one guiding question: What makes Sherwood special?

 The question, according to Peterson, was posed by Principal Eric Minus and has served as the mantra for planning this year’s ceremony. The process for planning the upcoming late-May graduation ceremony began at the end of the last school year, when administrators from each MCPS high school chose their top three dates for their school’s graduation ceremony and entered a lottery to try to secure one of the preferred dates.

 Sherwood ultimately received May 29 at D.A.R. Constitution Hall, a common MCPS graduation venue in D.C. “I love D.A.R.;it’s a very beautiful venue full of history,” said Peterson. The venue was created as a destination for the annual Daughters of the American Revolution convention. “This is where SHS has been holding most of its graduations and as a class sponsor who has sponsored before, I feel like I know this place like the back of my hand,” said Peterson.

 After MCPS released the venue and date information, Peterson immediately got to work and began organizing flowers, ticket art, collection of size/weight for seniors’ cap and gown, and graduation speaker.

 Though the committee has not yet officially determined who will be speaking at the graduation, Peterson looks forward to sharing this information with the school community once the official plans are finalized.

 In past years, the ceremony stayed consistent due to the input of the former Principal Gregory. However, the upcoming graduation will have a new flair. “Since we have a new administration I am able to suggest changes which Dr. Minus has happily accepted. These are changes everyone will love,” said Peterson.

 Some of these changes may occur due to the fact that students have more ability to contribute to planning for the ceremony. “There is definitely more student input and opportunities for the seniors to have saying on different aspects of the ceremony,” said Peterson.

 Though organizing for this year’s graduation may feel different from prior experiences, Peterson still truly enjoys planning the ceremony. “It is a day of joy and celebration for the whole Sherwood community,” said Peterson. “Although the ceremony is the same, we are [adding] our own Warrior touches.”