by Adina Brenner ‘20

For many, getting through high school can be one of the toughest times in life. Unlike most students, senior Lucas King (vocals), senior Socrates Matthews (guitar), junior Soh-Hyun Hur (drums), junior Amy Roberts (guitar), and junior Andrew Ventura (bass) have found a unique outlet to express their talents and ease the pressures of school and that is having their own band.

After being friends for quite some time, the group, having shown a mutual love for music, realized it was time to take their talents to the next level and Overspiced was born. Due to having pretty different tastes in music, the band had some trouble finding their sound at first, but later found a common ground with rock, indie, alternative and R&B.

Besides having fun performing together on stage, the members of Overspiced have established a bond that cannot be broken. “Being in this band has been an amazing experience for me,” said King. “I couldn’t think of a better group of people to make music with.”