Lipstick Killers

by Adam Levine ‘20

The Lipstick Killers, formed by senior Anna Mezebish (vocals, bass), junior Grace Castle (vocals, guitar), Rockville junior Drew Balfour (guitar), and Blake junior Alyssa Roderick (drums), is an allgirl band that came together at Rocketeria, the local music store in Olney. As a jam group, as they’re called, Rocketeria helped them out in the formation of the band and gives them a place to practice twice a month. The group can also be seen performing at many Rocketeria sponsored events, such as Rockstravaganza. The Lipstick Killers play songs from 80s-2000s rock and alternative rock, specifically artists like Hole, Courtney Barnett, the Zombies, the Staves, HAIM, and much more.

The band recognizes the empowering aspect their performances can have to young girls interested in music. “We [wanted] to be an all-girl group for the girl power aspect,” said Castle. “There tends to be a lot of sexism, especially in the music industry, and it was important to us and really empowering to be in an all-girl group.”