What Should I Do for Valentine’s Day?

by Alex Le ‘17

While it’s understandable that your life is busy and you may not have much time, Valentine’s Day gifts
are something you need to prioritize. Guys often
make the mistake of procrastinating, failing to plan
a special date or buy a unique gift for their special
someone. You don’t want your girlfriend finding
out you simply went to CVS the night before to get
her some chocolates and a Valentine’s Day Card.
On any holiday, but especially Valentine’s Day, it’s
important to show effort and thought. Girls appreciate
well thought out gifts more than the typical box of
chocolates and teddy bear. Obviously, as high schoolers,
funds are low, so I compiled a list of gifts that
are guaranteed to make your significant other happy.

1) Scrapbook – a picture is worth a thousand words.
Your significant other will be hard pressed to name a
better present than a homemade scrapbook filled with
an abundance of cute pictures of your times together.

2) A personalized gift box- this gift requires thorough
knowledge of your partner’s interests and preferences.
This box will consist of your girlfriend’s favorite
candy, gum, pictures, and of course a romantic card.

3) A handwritten letter- nothing shows effort
and dedication more than the rarity that is a genuine,
handwritten letter. This is a platform for you to
write your appreciation and affection for your girlfriend.
Not only will she cherish this extremely personal
gift, but she’ll appreciate it even more knowing
you hand wrote it, a rarity in today’s society.

4) “Happy” List – a personalized list enumerating
the many reasons why your girlfriend makes you
happy. Here, you can emphasize your favorite things
about her and this will definitely help with encouraging
her to continue being a good girlfriend.

5) Homemade Pastries – perhaps the most enjoyable
gift to make, your girlfriend will appreciate your
attempt at making cookies or any other treat like
brownies. They’re most likely not going to be great.
However, you and your girlfriend can bond and laugh
while eating your subpar pastries with each other!

While some may deem these ideas “cheesy” or “gooey,”
your girlfriend will definitely appreciate the
effort and content of each one of these presents!
And to all my single friends out there, many of these
gifts are great to give to your best friend! Good
luck with the gifting and happy Valentine’s Day