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    Students Who Do The Crime Do The Time

    By Danielle Tobb ’17 As a result of efforts to keep students in school, the number of out-of-school suspensions at Sherwood has remained at an all-time low over the past two years. There were six suspensions during the first quarter of this school year. During […]

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  • Junior Gracie Lunden, here taking notes in her math class, adjusted well to her classes this year after she transferred from Good Counsel High School. photo by Brett Melnick '12

    Head Injuries on the Field Lead to Major Fallout in Classrooms

    By Bryse Thornwell ’16 Freshman Haley Allen blocked a girl’s pass on the lacrosse field and received a blow to the head during a Saturday tournament. Senior Lauren Alexander was supervising a group of kids at work when she collided with a man playing basketball […]

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    Social Media’s Negative Effects

    By Kira Yates ’16 Many young adults claim that sites such as Facebook and Instagram are harmless towards one’s health. However, as much as millennials and others want to believe social media is not harming them, it is. From lowering self-confidence to having adverse mental […]

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  • ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ Strikes Morbid Chords

    ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ Strikes Morbid Chords

    By Milan Polk ’16 Cage The Elephant, best known for their anthemic song “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,” released their fourth studio album on December 18. ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ retains the varied sound the band is known for, sometimes ranging from sixties rock […]

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    Dislike the Users, Not the Site

    By Milan Polk ’16 Social media generally gets a bad wrap. Teachers, parents and anyone else with an aversion to technology often roll their eyes when social networking is mentioned. However, most opponents fail to recognize the benefits of these online communities and would rather […]

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    What Not to Wear: So Long, Leggings

    By Morgan Hill and Samantha Schwartz ’16 After 17 years of never matching navy blue with black or polka dots and plaid, we, as lovers of fashion, are here to share our opinions with the students of Sherwood. In each issue of The Warrior, we […]

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    Sherlock Goes Victorian in ‘The Abominable Bride’

    By Meghan Proctor ’16 When people hear the name “Sherlock Holmes,” they might think of the intelligent fictional detective from Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories set during the Victorian era. Others might picture the overly dramatic yet equally intelligent detective from the BBC drama “Sherlock” set […]

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    All Love for ‘The Hateful Eight’

    By Ryan Deal ’16 “You got room for one more?” This ambiguous question opens Quentin Tarantino’s eighth film, “The Hateful Eight,” a suspenseful, violent and utterly captivating tale of trust, deception and prejudice amidst post-Civil War society. The line, coolly delivered by bounty hunter and […]

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    Unsigned: Free Speech in College Remains Controversial

    While it may not affect us high school students at the moment, what students can and cannot say on college campuses is a pressing matter in schools across the country. Controversial event after controversial event, from a school newspaper criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement […]

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    Head to Cava for a Magnificent Meal

    By Lexi Paidas ’17 Opening the heavy wooden doors and stepping into Olney’s new Cava Mezze is like walking into another world. The delicious smells and the inviting atmosphere welcome you as you are quickly led to your seat by smiling hostesses. Standing out among […]

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