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Latest Publication | 31 March 2017

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  • “Keep your door open. Make new friends. Try new things. Work hard. Don’t take yourself too seriously. ” – Mr. Maddox 
  • “The only person living your life is you. Every day, you will be the one to get up, go through your day and I challenge you to be sure the path you choose is the one chosen by you and not for you. Please do not make the mistake of putting limits on your abilities. Become a lifelong learner, believe in yourself and know that there’s nothing too hard for you if you try.” – Mr. Dunn
  • “Study overseas. Go for a week, a month, a semester, a year—take advantage of the opportunity. You become more self-reliant and a more effective communicator. You will learn so much about yourself and have a ton of fun while doing it.” – Ms. Shevitz
  • “Enjoy every single moment, it will go fast. Once you start working in the real world you will wish you could go back and do it all again.” – Ms. Peterson
  • “This next chapter of your life typically means discovering your freedom. The best advice I can give is to do something that is rather unpopular; namely, use your freedom not for yourself, but to help others. If all you do is work toward your own success and needs, you will find success fleeting and your own needs unsatisfied.” – Mr. Miehl
  • “Have some decency. Get out of your bed, off your phone, out of yourself, and help someone. Go do something right now. Start creating meaningful relationships with everyone around you. They are all we have. On your deathbed, you will not say to yourself, “If only I had spent more time on Snapchat.” Go hug something real.” – Mr. Goodrich
  • “One thing I wish I knew going into college is that the most important thing when choosing a career is to enjoy what you do. All the money in the world does not make up for spending your time doing something you hate. And time is the only thing you can’t get more of.” – Ms. Games
  • “The balance does not just happen, you need to work on it and find a system that works for you. Regardless wake up every morning and remember why you are there!” – Ms.McKeldin
  • “In college, get a job that works late on Friday night but also allows you to study, like working the check-in desk at the dorms/residence. This will give you time to study, time to make money and you still have all weekend to go out.” – Ms. Gelfand
  • “Make sure you leave your comfort zone. Take courses that you know nothing about but that sound interesting. Try a new skill that you are not sure you can do. In other words, scare yourself a little.” – Dr. Jackson
  • The special thing that I’ll never forget about the Class of 2017 is that I started teaching at Sherwood when they were freshmen which marks my first four-year cycle at Sherwood. I’ve enjoyed watching them mature from newbs and grow into young adults about to take their next step in life. During this time, I have come to love teaching and being a part of Sherwood!” – Mr. Kinnetz
  • “One thing that I think is special about this class is how nice and bright they are. When I first taught Spanish 3 here at Sherwood, I was so impressed with the freshman Class of 2017. They knew their Spanish and they were a great group of students. I am going to miss them a lot, especially my son.” – Ms. Bloom

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