Beat Reports: Playoffs and Postseason

In this report: Girl’s Volleyball, Girl’s Soccer, Cross-Country Girl’s Volleyball by Hope Gouterman ’13 Girl’s volleyball is set to play in the state final game at Ritchie Coliseum Saturday November 19 at 5 pm against Arundel High School. The lady warrior’s defeated Paint Branch, Blake, Dulaney, and Richard Montgomery in order to win the region and qualify themselves for another … Read More

Seniors Opt Out of Cheering the Winter Season

by Amanda Harrington If one looks down the winter cheerleading roster, an omission stands out: there are no seniors on the team. During this time, non-senior cheerleaders use their winter season as a preparation period for next year’s sports season and competitions. Cheerleading is a multi-season sport but holds two separate tryouts for fall and winter. Since cheerleaders do not … Read More

The End of an Era: Not So Happy in the Valley

by Michael Natelli ’14  After 46 years, you think you know a guy… On Wednesday night, legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno was officially relieved of his duties due to allegations that he did not report knowledge of sexual abuse by former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. Gone soon enough? Probably not. Legacy tarnished? Most definitely. The sad part about … Read More

Volleyball Breezes Through Playoffs

On November 7, the Lady Warriors defeated Paint Branch 3-0 in the region quarterfinals. Their winning streak continued when they beat Blake 3-0 in the region semi-finals on November 9. The Warriors, now 16-0, will be playing their last home game against Dulaney (Baltimore) tonight, November 11, in the regional finals.

New Coach Could Be Grand Slam

by Cal Wilson ‘14 Long-time varsity baseball coach and math teacher Bill Goodman has stepped down from his coaching position and Assistant Coach Sean Davis will step to the plate. Goodman will continue to teach math here at Sherwood. After nearly 30 years of coaching baseball, leading the Warrior baseball team to the State Championship game in 2004, 2007, 2008 … Read More

Home Town Team

by Brendan Cudd ’14  This town is called a Washington Redskins town, but by the performance of this season this town should be called Washington Capitals town. The Capitals are by far the best home team we have now because the redskins have fallen with a losing record and the capitals are now 7-2. The Redskins have fallen over the … Read More

Boys’ Sports Credited More than Girls

by Hope Gouterman ’13 Let’s get it out of the way and state the obvious; boys’ sports have always been recognized over girls. At Sherwood the only girls’ event that has attracted any consistent fan base of more than 30 is volleyball, which is well deserved for the defending state champions. Yet it should not take a state title to … Read More

Warriors Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

by Michael Natelli ’14 The refs still can’t get it right, can they…? In the early going, it seemed as though Sherwood was almost destined to lose, as calls would just not go their way. Northwestern players lined up offsides four consecutive times, leading to the Warriors missing extra points on their first three scores (luckily they got the fourth … Read More

Beat Reports 10/17-10/21

  In this report: Girl’s Volleyball, Girl’s Soccer, Golf, Girl’s Field Hockey   Girl’s Volleyball by Hope Gouterman ’13 The girl’s varsity volleyball team has held off their competition well. So far, they remain undefeated, obtaining a record of 11-0. “Every game is big, if we don’t go in with that winning attitude with energy and cheering, then you can win. … Read More

2011 MLB Playoffs Nearing End With Start of World Series

by Matt Diogo ’14 Well, it’s here; the end of the 2011 Major League Baseball (MLB) season. Throughout the year, there have been ups and downs for almost every team. But today, we’re focusing on the playoffs. Starting with the September collapse of the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves, this year’s playoffs were already dubbed as eventful. Squeaking … Read More