Megan Werden and Meghan Kimberling – Senior Column

The Tale of Megan and Meghan Heyy Megan! I loved having theater with you this year! I hope all the Meg(h)ans can have classes together next year <3,” Meghan Kimberling wrote in Megan Werden’s sixth grade yearbook. On the other hand, Megan ceased to exist in Meghan’s middle school yearbooks except for a single signature in seventh grade, in the … Read More

Chase Wilson – Senior Column

My Amazing Experiences That Will Last a Lifetime After three years of reading these senior columns, you would think that I would have a general idea of what to write about. But when the time came to start mine, I was at a loss for words. What words of wisdom or advice do I want to leave my fellow classmates in … Read More

Maya Koeppen – Senior Column

Thank You to The Warrior When I first walked into the newspaper room the second semester of my sophomore year, I was overwhelmed to say the least. I was surrounded by a sea of upperclassmen and immediately thrown into an unfamiliar world of editorial calendars, article assignment forms, and deadlines. Being one of three new members on the staff, I worried … Read More

Kayla Cohen – Senior Column

A Great Learning Experience Looking back on these past four years in high school has made me realize how much I have grown both intellectually and socially. My interests have changed drastically as I came into high school with the hope of one day being a veterinarian and soon am leaving wanting to work on Capitol Hill. I never thought … Read More

Lydia Velazquez – Senior Column

I Always Write over My Word Count and This Is No Exception I would be lying if I said I liked high school, but I would also be exaggerating if I said I hated it. The past four years has been a whirlwind of lows, short highs, and plenty of mediocre moments—my senior year probably being the clearest representation of … Read More

Danielle Tobb – Senior Column

Embracing My ‘Ah-ha’ Moment Ever since I got my license junior year, I have looked forward to the morning drive to school. It provides a short period of time for me to get out of my head and escape into a world where I can appreciate the ever-changing scenery. The hilly, curvy ride down the back roads lends itself to … Read More

Lexi Paidas – Senior Column

Stop the Social Stereotyping I’ve spent my time in high school as a pom. If high school were like the movies, the camera would zoom in as I strutted down the halls in my uniform. Crowds of students in the hallway would dramatically part, and people would stare as my hair blew in the wind like I was in a … Read More

Connor Brady, Noah Rosendorf, and Shawn Yaftali – Senior Column

The Battle against Senioritis as Told by Three Seniors Almost all of us seniors know what Senioritis feels like, but it’s hard to put it into words. It’s one of those indescribable things that plagues students. To show what it feels like, the following is a short story on three seniors’ battle against this global phenomenon. Connor, Shawn, and Noah … Read More

Alex Le – Senior Column

Peace, Love, Sherwood There are two sides of opinions on the subject of high school. Either one hates his/her experience or it’s the best four years of his/ her early life. My opinion lies with the latter. High school, for me, can be described with one word: growth. In the literal sense, I’ve grown about five inches and gained thirty … Read More

Amanda Allen, Nicole Reich, and Tate Harrop – Senior Column

The Witches of Newspaper Throughout the journey that is high school, students have to step out of their comfort zones. Whether it be sports, clubs, or societies, students have a place where they can get involved and make the most of their time. It’s all about meeting new people and testing your limits while you can. You might just meet … Read More