Miss Universe is Different

by Brynn Smith ‘19 While most beauty pageants only accomplish the objectifying and degrading of women, Miss Universe has the potential to achieve other goals. All beauty pageants parade women in front of a panel of judges, who then proceed to decide a winner based on swimsuits, evening gowns, talent, and a made up answer to the question of how they … Read More

In Our Opinion: Don’t Ignore It

As teens, we are—as cliché as it sounds—the future of the world. What we do and how we behave will impact our species’ ability to be successful once our parents are gone. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that adults spend so much time trying to push us into their perceived right direction. One of the largest … Read More

Advisory Proves That Students’ Voices Are Not Taken Seriously

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19 Last year, for the first time, Advisory period occurred every Tuesday in an attempt to dedicate time to pass out papers, develop teacher-student connections, create positive connections between students, and to work on social, educational, and emotional issues. In second semester last year, I was invited to attend a meeting, along with several other chosen students, … Read More

Creating a More Vibrant Sherwood

by Christoper Sung ‘17 When I made the decision to run for SGA President, I made two vows to myself. The first was to have integrity as a leader and to state only the truth. As a student with no prior SGA experience, I became frustrated whenever a candidate promised to do so much for our school but delivered so … Read More

Violence Against All Women Needs International Attention

by Brynn Smith ‘19 In Argentina, a woman is killed every 30 hours. In Guatemala, two women are killed every 24 hours. Worldwide, 181 women are killed every day because of their gender. The act of murdering a woman solely because of her gender is called femicide, and it is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. Last month, a … Read More

Don’t Waste My Time

by Danielle Tobb ‘17 There are approximately four half-days during every school year. Throughout all four years of high school, that adds up to 16 half-days. Many of my peers view early release days as an excuse to ditch school to hang out with friends or sleep late. For some of my teachers, half-days present a chance to get a … Read More

App Defines Distraction

by Colleen Yates ‘18 The House Party video chat app has increasingly become popular among students. It allows for up to eight people to video chat with each other at a time, and enables people to “lock” chat rooms, making them private. With eight people at once, conversations commonly overlap and lead to everyone talking at once. The app is … Read More

Major Bashing

by Maya Koeppen ‘17 As a senior, I am constantly being bombarded with the questions: where are you applying; what’s your top choice; and, most importantly, what do you want to study? When I respond that I want to major in journalism, the replies are not always positive. I have heard it be referred to as a “dying profession” and … Read More

WikiLeaks Rightly Reveals Important National Secrets

by Lucy Kuchma ‘18 In the midst of the bruising 2016 presidential campaign in which accusations were flung by both sides about a rigged process, private email servers, missing tax records, and conflicts of interest, Americans are left wondering more than ever the extent to which politicians and government officials operate in secrecy. This world without transparency has been revealed … Read More