Club Memberships Hinder Productivity

by Danielle Tobb ‘17 The annual club fair during freshman orientation consists of students being swarmed by eager club members trying to convince them to join their club. If not for fun, for the college apps, many urge. If you’re like me, you saw the dozens of clubs at Sherwood as completely overwhelming. But as an incoming freshman, the more … Read More

Teachers Lose Papers

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19 Students hold the most responsibility when it comes to their learning and performance in school. However, a number of teachers at Sherwood should really ask themselves if they are truly helping students succeed. Throughout my two years at Sherwood, I have had numerous teachers who seem incapable or unwilling to perform the most basic tasks of … Read More

Focus on Our Progress

by Dinah Aguilar ‘19 On January 30, days after President Trump signed an executive order banning entry to citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, the Boy Scouts of America voted to accept kids based on the gender they identified as rather than the gender on their birth certificate. Last December, their century-old rule caused lots of controversy when an eight-year-old boy, … Read More

Where’s the Spirit?

by Alex Le ‘17 With Jamfest coming to Sherwood this Friday, February 10, I can’t help but notice the lack of excitement and activity within the student body. For weeks now, I’ve constantly asked my peers and friends to come to Jamfest, only to hear, “No, I don’t want to.” They refuse to even give it a chance, instead deciding … Read More

The Legislature Should Legislate

by Jared Schwartz ’18 The Maryland legislature is currently considering two methods to legalize recreational marijuana. The legislature could either pass two bills to directly regulate and tax the sale of recreational marijuana, or they could pass a constitutional amendment to create a referendum for recreational marijuana in 2018. Maryland should directly legalize marijuana instead of putting it up for … Read More

Friends Aren’t Homework Machines

by Emma Shuster’18 Many students take seven classes in high school and enroll in honors and advanced placement courses. Both honors and advanced placement courses require students to put in lots of hard work and dedication to do well in these courses. A student’s grades are dependent upon the effort put in. I am a student who puts countless hours … Read More

Miss Universe is Different

by Brynn Smith ‘19 While most beauty pageants only accomplish the objectifying and degrading of women, Miss Universe has the potential to achieve other goals. All beauty pageants parade women in front of a panel of judges, who then proceed to decide a winner based on swimsuits, evening gowns, talent, and a made up answer to the question of how they … Read More

In Our Opinion: Don’t Ignore It

As teens, we are—as cliché as it sounds—the future of the world. What we do and how we behave will impact our species’ ability to be successful once our parents are gone. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that adults spend so much time trying to push us into their perceived right direction. One of the largest … Read More

Advisory Proves That Students’ Voices Are Not Taken Seriously

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19 Last year, for the first time, Advisory period occurred every Tuesday in an attempt to dedicate time to pass out papers, develop teacher-student connections, create positive connections between students, and to work on social, educational, and emotional issues. In second semester last year, I was invited to attend a meeting, along with several other chosen students, … Read More