WikiLeaks Does More Harm Than Good for Democracy

by Josh Averbach ‘18 For years, Wikileaks has been a disruptive presence in American politics, frequently, and often illegally, exposing documents that were never intended for the public eye. Particularly during the recent election, Wikileaks played a significant role. For example, Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned after Wikileaks released documents indicating that she conspired against Bernie … Read More

Males Belong in the Discussion of Women’s Rights and History

by Maya Koeppen ‘17 A young guy walks into my fourth period Women’s Studies class with a few of his male friends and takes a seat. Besides the fact that he was obviously skipping another class, it was clear from the conversation that followed that he should be enrolled in this course. The topic of the day was menstruation and … Read More

In Our Opinion: Schools Shouldn’t Shy from Touchy Subjects

In a staff meeting approaching the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Sherwood teachers were reminded to be sensitive to students of all political beliefs by being cautious of how they handle class discussions of political and social controversies. More specifically, Principal Bill Gregory urged teachers to be careful how they addressed the presidential election so that students in the … Read More

EpiPen Price Hike Endangers the Lives of Those with Allergies

by Meghan Kimberling ‘17 Many people panic if they leave their house without their keys, wallet or phone. Others are inconvenienced if they forget their mascara, Advil, or a pack of gum. For me, my life is literally in danger if I leave my house without my EpiPen. Unfortunately, my life-saving EpiPen now costs me $600 more than it did … Read More

Pokémon Go Needs to Go Away

by Naomi Lawrence ‘17 Flashback to last spring: if you were to see a group of people in the National Arlington Cemetery, you would assume that they are there mourning a death or broadly paying respect to those who served their country. If you were to see a group of people at the Holocaust Museum, you could assume that they … Read More

John Oliver Is as Guilty as Fox News for Spread of Ignorance

by Matt Post ‘18 Every Sunday at 12 midnight, John Oliver takes the stage of his HBO show “Last Week Tonight.” Equipped with his British accent and quirky mannerisms, Oliver tackles issues from Dr. Oz to the death penalty. He tells jokes, the audience laughs, clips are shared online, and this whole cycle divides America. Oliver is one part of … Read More

Nudists Teach Us Decency

by Lexi Matthews ‘18 In September, French lawmakers approved proposals for three nudists parks in forests surrounding Paris. These proposals came from local French ‘naturists’– those who worship the earth through intimate, often nude, connectivity– with establishment slated for next summer. While the park itself is not a problem, its approval displays extreme hypocritism and Islamophobia from France, who banned … Read More

Work Smarter, Not Harder

by Leah Peloff ‘18 Each day entails the dreaded sounding of my alarm clock, six and a half hours of sitting behind a desk, three hours of cross country practice, and then a truckload of assignments due the next day. I try to work through all of my homework as quickly as one can, but often end up having to … Read More

Let Us Like Pumpkin Spice

by Natalie Murray ‘18 Now that it’s autumn, pumpkin spice flavors everything from lattes to Cheerios. But with this pumpkin-spice phenomenon comes the pumpkin-spice-shaming phenomenon: a girl orders a PSL in her local Starbucks and she becomes “basic.” It seems that girls can do nothing without receiving criticism. If a girl dates too much, she’s “slutty;” if she doesn’t date, … Read More

Insert Witty Title Here

by Meghan Proctor I’m an animator. I always have been. Okay, not really, I’ve only been one for two years tops, but it seems that society romanticizes the idea of having “always” been something. From sports, to acting, to science, we grew up seemingly expected to decide our careers before we learned what the word “career” even means. It almost … Read More