We Deserve a Longer Lunch

by Katherine Sperduto ’19 Sherwood students have very long and tedious days with loads of homework to follow, so a good mental break is beneficial for us students. This is what lunch should provide. The time allotted for students to eat lunch in MCPS varies from school to school and range from 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Lunch is 45-minutes … Read More

The U.S. Has Meddled, Too

by Brynn Smith ’19 Americans have been asking for months whether Russia hacked the 2016 presidential election. It has been the focus of investigations, a number of which are still ongoing. Whatever the level of Russia’s actual infiltration of computer systems, there is no question that the country had an influence on last year’s election. Americans’ outrage over Russia’s meddling … Read More

TBH, Approval Is Irrelevant

by Anika Mittu ’19 The new app TBH, currently boasting over 4 million downloads on iOS, seeks to provide teenagers with a format to anonymously deliver compliments to their peers. Questions such as “Who has the best smile?” arise for users to answer, presented through a poll in which the player must select which classmate out of four given individuals … Read More

End Columbus Day

by Natalie Murray ’18 In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, murdered and enslaved countless Native Americans in their own country, and began an American tradition of disrespecting and mistreating minorities that still exists today. Nonetheless, America celebrates him every second Monday of October. Though Columbus Day may seem innocent, in commemorating a man who committed genocide, we’re also celebrating … Read More

Where’s the Diversity?

by Riley Whelan ’18 Sherwood celebrates its diverse student body. We pride ourselves in the wide variety of clubs and activities offered here, accepting and incorporating everyone’s interests. Recently, however, the nominated homecoming court was anything but diverse. Seven out of the ten female nominees are white and eight of them are members of the cheerleading or poms teams. Although … Read More

Typecasting Leaves Negative Impression on Youth

by Lucy Kuchma ’18 Take a second to ask yourself the following: When is the last time you saw a Melissa McCarthy movie that didn’t feature a single joke or reference about her weight? A Samuel L. Jackson movie where he didn’t rip out a weapon while continually spewing the f-bomb? Although it sometimes goes disguised as actors merely serving … Read More

Keep Politics Out of Tragedy

The Rockville High School community was rattled in mid-March by the unthinkable; a 14-year old freshman was allegedly grabbed from a hallway and raped by two older students in a secluded bathroom. The incident easily can be described as too horrific for words. However, that hasn’t stopped the deluge of public opinion on the matter from every corner of the … Read More

Being a Bystander Is Just as Bad as Being a Bully

by Lauren MacFadden ‘17 Most students will quickly say that they reject bullying in all of its forms. Yet bullying still occurs every day at Sherwood and many let it happen right in front of them. I am guilty of this because of something that happened earlier this year. I was sitting in class when I heard a group of … Read More

Enforcement of School Dress Code Reinforces The Idea That Not All Rules Are Created Equal

by Ayana Antoine ‘20 The school dress code designates appropriate attire for students, which is an important concept that is ineffectively being carried out. Many enforced rules are open to interpretation or simply not stated in our agenda books, and what’s most troubling is many students feel unfairly targeted as to how the restrictive rules are currently enforced. One problem … Read More

Hitler Comparisons Reopen Old Wounds

by Brandon Alter ‘17 The comparisons made of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler need to stop. Not only are they unrealistic, to suggest that Trump can do in present day what Hitler did in the 1930s and 1940s, but more importantly, they reduce the historic significance of the Holocaust. Last year, I went on March of The Living, a two-week … Read More