Gable Retires after Four Decades

  by Maya Lennon ‘14 Technology education teacher Don Gable is retiring from a teaching career that began in 1972. Gable taught at Sherwood for 39 years, which he described as the “fastest of his life.” After teaching thousands of students throughout his career, there is no way to measure the impact Gable had on them. However, one former student, … Read More

Growing Up in The Age of Terror

by Will Gavett ‘12 and Asha Antoine ‘14  May 1, 2011 will go down in history as the day that President Barack Obama announced that an operation to find and kill Osama bin Laden was a success. This is an event that affects almost every person in America, especially the current generation of students at Sherwood who have grown up … Read More

The GOP Candidates

by Amanda Harringon ‘12 In Gallup polling since 1952, Republican Party nomination races always featured a clear front-runner at this stage of the presidential campaign. With 17 months to go until the 2012 elections, the battle for the Republican nomination for president is wide-open. Much of the reason for the uncertainty is that the Republican Party itself is divided. Polls … Read More

Teen Job Market Thrives in Olney

In previous years, landing a summer job has been almost a rite of passage for high school students. However, in a lingering recession with unemployment rates at about 10 percent, finding a job can be a challenge. Without searching early, high school students nationally, especially those who waited too long to begin their job search, have found themselves struggling to … Read More

MoCo Schools Rank High Across the Nation

by Diana McDermott ‘13 Five MCPS high schools have been ranked in the National High School Challenge Index Top 100 List. These schools are Bethesda-Chevy Chase (59), Richard Montgomery (65), Poolesville (69), Walter Johnson (82) and Winston Churchill (98). Sherwood ranked 346th in the nation and 46th out of Maryland schools. The Challenge Index ranks high schools based upon the … Read More

Officers Elected, Some Without Competition

by Connor Martin ‘13 After voting in social studies classes this previous week, students found out on May 31 who will be the SGA and class officers for the next school year. In this election, five candidates ran uncontested, including the SGA Secretary. The results are as follows: SGA President: Nicole Jakobowski Vice President: Samantha Cruz Secretary: Hope Gouterman (uncontested) … Read More

Will Obama Pull Out a 2012 Win?

By Connor Martin ’13 Barack Obama has led the United States for two and a half years now, during which time his administration has accomplished several extremely important victories and suffered harsh defeats. Over the next 17 months, all of Obama’s efforts will be evaluated as he runs for re-election. Even if the 2012 presidential race is his to win, … Read More

Starr Named Incoming School Superintendent

by Bridget Cook ‘14 and Mary Nickerson ‘12 Joshua Starr, formerly the head of the Stamford Public School system in Connecticut, has been unanimously selected by the Montgomery County Board of Education to serve as the next MCPS Superintendent. Starr replaces Jerry Weast, who steps down after serving as superintendent since 1999. The change comes during a period of budgetary … Read More

AP Testing at School Offers Potential for Distractions

by Michaela O’Donnell ‘13 For the first time, all AP testing, from May 2 to May 13, was held within Sherwood. The move from off-site testing was mostly based on the continued increase in the numbers of AP tests taken by Sherwood students. “[The benefits of testing at Sherwood were] smaller testing rooms and travel wasn’t necessary for students. I … Read More

Students Forced To Pick Between Prom and Concerts

by Holly Cuozzo ’12 In the season of anticipation for the end of school, one event seems to be on the minds of every junior and senior: prom.  Beginning as early as middle school and possibly even elementary school, students increasingly learn about the big night of the high school experience and that someday it will be their turn to … Read More