Law Makes MC Less Accessible

by Mandy Stussman ’14 The Maryland Dream Act, which passed in November to provide undocumented immigrants with in-state college tuition rates, has resulted in the major increase in price for certain students due to wording in the law. According to The Washington Post, the loophole arises in the statement that immigrant students can get in-state tuition upon graduation from high … Read More

Changes to MCPS’ Seven Keys

by Mary Macrae ’14 MCPS is reviewing its Seven Keys to College Readiness in order to accommodate new national and state education reforms—such as the Common Core Standards—and the changing needs and expectations of its students. Since 2009, the Keys set the minimum requirements and benchmarks for students in order to increase their chances of being ready for and successful … Read More

Taking The Polar Plunge

by Leah Schroeder ’13 For the second year in a row, about 40 Sherwood students were among the hundreds to participate in the 15th annual Polar Plunge sponsored by the Maryland State Police. The school group participated in the fourth annual Cool Schools Challenge Plunge Frigid Friday, which is exclusively for school teams and took place on January 25, the … Read More

Smart Phones Outsmart Teens

by Taylor Fernandes ’14 It’s rare to see teens nowadays that do not stroll along with an iPhone, Android or other type of smart phone in their hands. The level of dependency of teens on their smart phones has raised privacy and safety concerns by several public interest groups. Federal regulators are considering changing child privacy laws, such as requiring … Read More

Give. Love. Hope.

by Marcia Claudia Garcia-Rada ’14 Give. Love. Hope., a club that promotes volunteerism, arrived at Sherwood this past November when sophomores Jamilah Silver and Julia Gajewski-Nemes established it.  “The club started when [we] realized that not enough students actually go out to the community and volunteer,” said Silver. The club was designed so that students make a difference in the … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Takes A Toll on Students

by Vicky Florian ’14 Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival is a gem of the Sherwood Music Department, organized annually by music teachers Bill Evans and Alex Silverbook. They work in coordination with some of the most musically talented individuals at the school along with vocal assistant, Will Mills. The spectacular show is a time-honored tradition. With 40 songs in the lineup, … Read More

Shooting at Elementary School In Connecticut; 27 Reported Dead

by Jamie Langbein ’13 Monday December 17, 10:40 AM: Since the last update, names of the deceased have been released. There was a vigil for all the victims on Sunday, which President Obama attended. Motive for the shooting is still unclear. Lanza is believed to have had some sort of learning disability that may have contributed to his motive. Lanza’s … Read More

Petition Calls for Later Start Times

by Connor Martin ’13 High school students today face crazy schedules filled with school, homework, extracurriculars, sports and family obligations. With such busy schedules, time for sleep is often the part of the day that gets cut short. However, parents in Montgomery County are currently working on a petition that asks for later start times to the school day so … Read More

Making the Grade

by Robel Wondimu ’13 For the fourth year in a row, MCPS graduated 87.6 percent of its students, which is the highest rate among large school districts in the country. Last year, of Sherwood’s graduating class of 475, only four flunked out while seven dropped out, for a graduation rate above 97 percent. As impressive as that figure is, Principal … Read More