PTSA Encourages Seniors To Apply for Scholarships

by Malec Fahmy ‘20 The PTSA is now accepting applications from seniors to receive one of approximately 20 different scholarships, ranging in awards from $300 to $20,000.These applications have a deadline of March 1, but it is suggested that the FASFA application be turned in by February 10. These various applications can be found on the Sherwood website. “Our hope … Read More

Are AP Classes Worth It?

by Lydia Velazquez ‘17 With the current school year already halfway through and students having completed their class scheduling only a week or so ago, there’s a thought sure to linger in most, if not all, students’ minds: should I take an AP class or two, or five, next year? With the increase in students enrolling in APs, not to … Read More

New Proposed Bill Requires Student Education on Affirmative Consent

by Brynn Smith ‘19 In early December, delegates Ariana Kelly and Marice Morales presented a piece of legislation in the Montgomery County House Delegation that would require MCPS to educate seventh and tenth graders in health classes about the phrase “affirmative consent.” The concept is defined as a clear and unambiguous agreement between all participants to engage in each act … Read More

Today’s Online Job Market: Blogs, YouTube, and Media

by Mallory Carlson ‘19 Fifteen years ago, blogs were barely on society’s radar. A creative outlet, one might say, but nothing more. YouTube did not exist. Neither did Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat. Today, The Huffington Post, owned by Arianna Huffington, makes upwards of $2 million monthly. Felix Kjellberg, or “Pewdiepie,” a YouTuber, makes $12 million annually. The common perception … Read More

Hate-Vandalism Spikes after Election

by Jared Schwartz ‘18 Incidents of hate-related vandalism have continued at schools in Montgomery County. In a local incident in late 2016 at the nearby Belmont Elementary school, the words, “brown people suck” were found written in the girls’ bathroom, according to “The Washington Post.” The rise in hate-related incidents has coincided with Donald Trump’s election. While MCPS has not … Read More

D.C. Women’s March Attracts Massive, Diverse Crowd

by Lucy Kuchma ‘18 Nearly 100 Sherwood students and teachers drove or metro-ed to the District on Saturday, January 21, for one of the largest protests in the nation’s capital in American history. The following day, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were peppered with posts of people proudly holding their signs and posters. “I’m genuinely afraid of some of the claims … Read More

County Pursues Closing of Academic Gap

by Christopher Sung ‘17 Junior Katerine Estrada immigrated to the United States believing in the American Dream. The daughter of a hardworking mother from Guatemala, Estrada passionately believes that sheer will can help her achieve her dream of one day becoming a police detective. “My goal is to serve my new home,” said Estrada. “I think becoming a detective will … Read More

Family Income and the SAT

by Alex Nnabue ‘18 The test preparation be- hind the College Board’s SAT is notorious for involving pricey tutoring sessions and prep books from a variety of companies. According to the Washington Post, average private tutoring in the Wash- ington area costs $2,399 for 12 hours at Kaplan Test Prep while The Princeton Review charges $1,500 for 12 hours. Other … Read More

School Start Times May Be Changing Again

by Kayla Cohen ’17 Numerous education unions are lobbying the MCPS Board of Education to revert back to old bell times at no cost. On January 10, the Board met to discuss this recurring issue. The debate is ongoing, even among parents. The effect the time change has had on elementary school students motivates some parents towards wanting the old … Read More

Young Republicans and Democrats Work in Pursuit of Common Ground

by Lexi Paidas ‘17 It is no secret that the amount of political discussion waxes and wanes in accordance with the presidential election years. Sherwood’s Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs are no strangers to political topics, and have been discussing the presidential election as well as debating topics of political, economic and social interest. Both the Young Democrats and … Read More