Written In the Stars: Two Different Zodiacs

By Jonathan Cudd ‘16 Many know of the zodiac signs based on the Babylonians, but few have heard of the Chinese and Native American zodiacs. Zodiacs are based on star constellations that was in one’s birth month or year. For those tired of the normal zodiacs, try your zodiac in a different culture. There are 12 animals in the Chinese … Read More

Horoscopes: Scientific Basis or Nonsense?

By Danielle Tobb ’17 A horoscope is a general forecast of a person’s future, typically including information on that person’s character, mannerisms, and love life. Virtually every newspaper and magazine includes a section on horoscopes. The horoscopes found in magazines are based off of a concept called sun sign astrology. This is a much simpler version of astrology that only … Read More

Puppies Take a Bite Out of Teen Anxiety

By Chase Wilson ’18 Due to a sharp increase in students visiting their counselors with stress-related issues, the Counseling Department has initiated a groundbreaking program to help these students alleviate their anxiety. Beginning fourth quarter, Puppies for Loving (PL) will make a litter of 10 golden retriever dogs available at Sherwood. The puppies, born on March 1, will be looked … Read More

Meme Satirizes Traditional Horoscopes

By Steven Witkin ‘16 It may seem normal, even relatable, when the Internet states that your zodiac sign means that you are hardworking, or stubborn, or emotionally prepared, but what about when it says that your zodiac sign indicates that you are, in fact, Steve Harvey, Kylo Ren, or F. Scott Fitzgerald’s egg yolks? The latter are all actual examples … Read More

Origins of the Zodiac

By Meghan Proctor ’16 Many cultures around the world use different zodiac signs and studies of astrology. However, the one most recognized by Americans today, with various constellations representing when in the year a person was born, originated over 3,000 years ago. The Babylonians, who created this system, chose these signs to correspond with the constellations that the Sun appears … Read More

How To Face Your Fears and Move On

By Meghan Kimberling ’17 Are there any fears that you wish you could overcome? Fear of public speaking? Fear of heights? Roller coasters? Circus clowns? Good news: there is a way “out.” Just like in other aspects of life, admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming your fear and enjoying a fuller life. If you aren’t … Read More

Human Evolution Shows Reason Behind Some Fears

By Bryse Thornwell ’16 Why do most humans jump at the sight of 50 spiders but not at 50 cars on a highway? Why do most humans scream in terror at the sight of a snake, but shrug at, or even welcome, a fast-food restaurant? In America, 38,300 people died in motor vehicle accidents last year alone, but only an … Read More

Agoraphobia Causes Panic about Panic

By Will Van Gelder ’16 The fear of panicking in public, or agoraphobia, can cause some people afflicted by this panic disorder to stay in their homes for years on end due to fear of panicking in a public place. Agoraphobics were once viewed with much disdain, but in recent years these “shut-ins” have become more widely accepted as their … Read More

Barophobia Leads to Gravitational Fear

By Connor Brady ’17 Barophobia is defined as the fear of gravity. Not to be confused with the fear of heights, people who suffer from barophobia live in constant fear of two possible scenarios. One is when gravity will simply disappear and they will float away. The second scenario is they fear that gravity will become too strong and crush … Read More