Human Evolution Shows Reason Behind Some Fears

By Bryse Thornwell ’16 Why do most humans jump at the sight of 50 spiders but not at 50 cars on a highway? Why do most humans scream in terror at the sight of a snake, but shrug at, or even welcome, a fast-food restaurant? In America, 38,300 people died in motor vehicle accidents last year alone, but only an … Read More

Agoraphobia Causes Panic about Panic

By Will Van Gelder ’16 The fear of panicking in public, or agoraphobia, can cause some people afflicted by this panic disorder to stay in their homes for years on end due to fear of panicking in a public place. Agoraphobics were once viewed with much disdain, but in recent years these “shut-ins” have become more widely accepted as their … Read More

Barophobia Leads to Gravitational Fear

By Connor Brady ’17 Barophobia is defined as the fear of gravity. Not to be confused with the fear of heights, people who suffer from barophobia live in constant fear of two possible scenarios. One is when gravity will simply disappear and they will float away. The second scenario is they fear that gravity will become too strong and crush … Read More

Say Farewell to Bozo

By Milan Polk ’16 Clowns are supposed to be a great form of entertainment for kids and adults alike, yet something about an unknown adult adorned with make-up causes fear and discomfort in many. The fear has garnered so much attention it has become a legitimate phobia called coulrophobia. Possible reasoning as to why there is a common fear of … Read More

Junior Travels to Ends of Earth with GoPro

By Nicole Reich ’17 Junior Elena Gajewski-Nemes has been to 20 different countries around the entire world, making GoPro videos of her incredible adventures along the way. To capture the amazing moments and her overall experiences, Gajewski-Nemes uses a Hero 3 Silver Edition GoPro, a camera for extreme action videography. She takes videos and pictures from the beginning to end … Read More

Junior Rises in Beauty School

By Kayla Cohen ’17 Junior Paris Holbrook is currently in beauty school and working to fulfill her dream of acquiring her cosmetology license. She goes to Montgomery County Beauty School in Silver Spring on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for four hours on weekdays and up to eight hours on Saturday. Obtaining a cosmetology license includes training in styling hair, … Read More

Tech Teacher Bakes on the Side

By Elizabeth Kronlage ’18 Breaking stereotypes, Jason Braverman is a male technology teacher who loves to bake. Years ago as a student at Hobart and William Smith College in New York, Braverman discovered his interest in cake baking while working in the school cafeteria. “I made main courses, I ran the omelet station, but first I worked for a period … Read More

Encouraging Students to LVYRSLF

By Steven Witkin ’16 Poor body image. Insecurities. Self-harm. Most students know someone who has struggled with at least one of these side-effects of growing up, but there is very little conversation in school on what to do about it. Junior Jack Rubin is trying to fix that. In December, Rubin announced his solution, a school-based organization called LVYRSLF. Intended … Read More

Involved Student Musician Sounds like Teen Talent

By Alleigh Keyes ’16 Senior Tyler Golsen started his musical journey at the tender age of nine when he first picked up an instrument. He was immediately hooked. With his supportive parents as inspiration to follow his dreams, he played the trombone and drums by the time he was 11. Since then, the multi-talented Golsen has learned how to play … Read More

Sophomore Duo Perfects Their Magic Act

By Alleigh Keyes ’16 After meeting at a Super Bowl party in 2014, sophomores Jesse Gun and Sam Hull realized that they both have a passion for magic. They showed each other their impressive repertoire of magic that ranges from card tricks to balloon art. Eventually, they developed acts and performed at local nursing homes before regularly having gigs. Today, … Read More