Tweeting Away the Generation Barrier

Since its debut in July 2006, the website Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and is estimated to have over 190 million users, generating 65 million tweets and handling more than 800,000 search queries per day.

Amazon Kindle Tops All E-Readers

But today’s youth has been classified as a generation of technology and e-readers are intended to convert old-fashioned books to electronic, portable and attractive devices. As the technology continues to improve and get flashier, e-readers such as the Kindle and the iPad are overcoming teenagers’ suspect reading habits.

Droid Proves to be Smarter than the Rest

Amongst the many smart phones available from each wireless carrier, the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid stand out in the crowd. But to find out which smart phone of the three leaders in the market truly is the best, we turned to students with smart phones to be the judges

Technology Infiltrates the Classroom

“I think [technology use] is a problem at Sherwood because it makes it easier for students to cheat. People text each other during tests … Personally, I think, with the increase in technology that we have, it encourages students to cheat; it enables students to cheat,” said senior Matt Smith, who has noticed inappropriate technology use occurring in his classes.

The Students Have Spoken! Their Favorites Are…

With a wide variety of apps in the available, students have access to hours worth of digital entertainment. Truly, with such useful and addicting apps such as these and many others, it is not surprising to see why some students spend hours just fiddling around with their iPods, iPhones or whatever else they use daily.

Boys’ and Girls’ Thoughts on Opposite Sex

Why is it that a guy can be obnoxious in class and it’s okay, but if a girl does it it’s noticed right away?

“I think it’s funny when a girl is outgoing and funny, it makes them seem chill.” Sean Hutchinson ‘12

“It’s just normal for guys.” Nathan Tagg ‘12

AP Credits Transfer with Ease, Provide Flexibility

In 1952, a rudimentary version of the Advanced Placement (AP) program was introduced, offering accelerated instruction in 11 areas at three different prep schools. The mission of the program, created by way of a grant from the Ford Foundation, was to allow high school students to complete college level coursework and, upon the completion of a standardized examination, receive college-credit. The program, in the hands of the College Board since 1955, now presents students with 30 different courses to choose from and students from across the country participate. In 2008, for example, more than 345,000 students took the AP U.S. History exam, which was the most popular.

Turning to the Military for College Education

Even though I want to serve my country, I also looked at the quality of education I would be getting through the military. US News & World Report ranks all the Service Academies as Tier 1 Liberal Arts schools, as they all have such a broad and extensive core curriculum despite the emphasis on engineering. Additionally, some of the best public and private universities in the country offer ROTC programs (such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University).