Trump’s Trading Policies May Impact the Prices of iPhones

by Amanda Allen ‘17 Inevitably, with a new president comes economic changes. President Donald Trump vows to put a tax on imports from China, and American consumers could be impacted. Approximately $29 billion worth of goods were imported from China in one month, according to NPR, and one of the main electronic imports is the iPhone along with other Apple … Read More

Apple Explores Technology Options for New iPhone 8

by Lexi Paidas ‘17 Whether an intentional marketing ploy or not, Apple is famous in the tech world for the rumors that always surround its upcoming products. Apple’s newest iPhone rumor is about the iPhone 8 and has been written about by multiple sources like Business Insider. The iPhone 8, coming out in late 2017, apparently will have an edge-to-edge … Read More

Teenagers Frequently Experience Toxic Friendships and Relationships

by Alex Le ‘17 In life, one will meet a wide variety of friends. Most of these friends will be temporary, some will be permanent, and unfortunately, some will be toxic. While there is a universal agreement that toxic friendships are unhealthy, the difficulty lies in the process of cutting off these harmful relationships. Often times, toxic friendships do not … Read More

Depression Strongly Impacts Teenagers, Especially Females

by Brynn Smith ‘19 Growing up is hard. Every teenager experiences puberty and the hardships that come with it. Everything from acne to a rise in standardized testing. A teenager’s mind changes with his or her academic environments, amount of peer pressure, and presence online. All of these factors contribute to the steadily increasing rates of depression in adolescents, especially … Read More

Teenagers Highly Value Their Snapchat Streaks

by Emma Shuster ‘18 “Hey, what’s your Snapchat?” “AMOS” “Hey, let’s start a snap streak!” These are all phrases that are commonly tossed around by teens today. Snapchat was created in 2011 to send pictures to one’s friends daily. Although it was originally intended as a means of communication, Snapchat has very much transformed into what almost seems like a … Read More

Can We All Work Together Despite Our Differences?

by Lexi Matthews ‘18 “The Future Is Female,” reads a poster that junior Elana Tobb proudly displays in one of her Instagram photos. Her most recent retweets, between normal teenage ramblings on music and fashion, critique on President Trump’s cabinet picks and condemn police brutality. With the growing polarization of American political sentiments nationwide, it is unsurprising that many disagree … Read More

Social Media Can Hurt Self-Image of Teen Girls

by Naomi Lawrence ‘17 In today’s society, constant access to media has a tremendous influence on one’s thoughts, ideas, and actions, and can even dictate how teen girls view themselves. It is not news that the immense pressure on teenage girls to look a certain way has been heightening for decades. In a society driven by multiple celebrities promoting themselves … Read More

What Should I Do for Valentine’s Day?

by Alex Le ‘17 While it’s understandable that your life is busy and you may not have much time, Valentine’s Day gifts are something you need to prioritize. Guys often make the mistake of procrastinating, failing to plan a special date or buy a unique gift for their special someone. You don’t want your girlfriend finding out you simply went … Read More

Today’s Relationships with Technology

by Nicole Reich ‘17 Technology plays an undeniable role in teens’ romantic relationships. This is due to an increase of connection possibilities from advancements in the digital world. In our society, practically everything is online and is there for others to see or interact with. Relationships often start with showing interest in someone, which is done through a friend request, … Read More

Showing Students #ThatsNotLove

by Tate Harrop ‘17 Love-struck teenagers often believe their feelings for each other will last forever. Many young people, however, find that it is not all sunshine and rainbows in a high school relationship, and passion can become out of control and unhealthy. The health curriculum is trying to tackle this problem with the assistance of the One Love instructional … Read More