SoundCloud, The Newest Way

by Ayana Antoine ‘20 If you were a teenager 20 years ago, you probably would have discovered a band by word-of-mouth, from the cover of a magazine, or on the radio on your favorite radio station. You would then save up your money and buy a CD from your local record store and that was just the way life was. … Read More

Most Excellent

by Adam Levine ‘20 The popular Sherwood boy band Most Excellent, best known for its covers of 90s and early 2000s pop rock, originally was formed by juniors Nick Weinrich (vocals), Andrew Ventura (guitar), Benny Rubin (guitar), and Marcus Welch (bass) during last year’s homecoming halls to perform for the sophomore hall. After the festivities ended, they still wanted to … Read More

Lipstick Killers

by Adam Levine ‘20 The Lipstick Killers, formed by senior Anna Mezebish (vocals, bass), junior Grace Castle (vocals, guitar), Rockville junior Drew Balfour (guitar), and Blake junior Alyssa Roderick (drums), is an allgirl band that came together at Rocketeria, the local music store in Olney. As a jam group, as they’re called, Rocketeria helped them out in the formation of … Read More


by Adina Brenner ‘20 For many, getting through high school can be one of the toughest times in life. Unlike most students, senior Lucas King (vocals), senior Socrates Matthews (guitar), junior Soh-Hyun Hur (drums), junior Amy Roberts (guitar), and junior Andrew Ventura (bass) have found a unique outlet to express their talents and ease the pressures of school and that … Read More

Dear Luna

by Adina Brenner ‘20 Music is something that’s not just fun to listen to, but has the power to bring individuals together and connect them in a way that other forms of communication can’t. Three years ago, the power of music brought local musicians Kylie Lyon (vocals), Caitlin Lyon (drums), Devon Gratz (bass), Mason Schwartz (piano), and Andrew Bezila (guitar) … Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll Inspires Students To Pursue Music

by Danielle Katz ‘18 Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival might be just a fun high school side activity for most participants, but for others, it gives them early performance experience that leads them to study music in college or pursue it as a career. Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival inspires many teens to discover the importance of music and the appeal of … Read More

Trump’s Trading Policies May Impact the Prices of iPhones

by Amanda Allen ‘17 Inevitably, with a new president comes economic changes. President Donald Trump vows to put a tax on imports from China, and American consumers could be impacted. Approximately $29 billion worth of goods were imported from China in one month, according to NPR, and one of the main electronic imports is the iPhone along with other Apple … Read More

Apple Explores Technology Options for New iPhone 8

by Lexi Paidas ‘17 Whether an intentional marketing ploy or not, Apple is famous in the tech world for the rumors that always surround its upcoming products. Apple’s newest iPhone rumor is about the iPhone 8 and has been written about by multiple sources like Business Insider. The iPhone 8, coming out in late 2017, apparently will have an edge-to-edge … Read More

Teenagers Frequently Experience Toxic Friendships and Relationships

by Alex Le ‘17 In life, one will meet a wide variety of friends. Most of these friends will be temporary, some will be permanent, and unfortunately, some will be toxic. While there is a universal agreement that toxic friendships are unhealthy, the difficulty lies in the process of cutting off these harmful relationships. Often times, toxic friendships do not … Read More

Depression Strongly Impacts Teenagers, Especially Females

by Brynn Smith ‘19 Growing up is hard. Every teenager experiences puberty and the hardships that come with it. Everything from acne to a rise in standardized testing. A teenager’s mind changes with his or her academic environments, amount of peer pressure, and presence online. All of these factors contribute to the steadily increasing rates of depression in adolescents, especially … Read More