Twitter Fights Are War

By Bryse Thornwell ’16 What was once known as the wonderful world of Twitter, complete with harmless tweets, hashtags, and animals doing tricks has quickly gone sour. Before the bloodshed began, occasionally we would scroll through our feed and find something that made us giggle in our heads, but not quite enough to “laugh out loud.” Other times we pretended … Read More

Looming American Exodus Unnerves Canadians

By Christopher Sung ’17 Panic has gripped Canada as thousands of young Americans prepare to begin a mass exodus to illegally enter the northern country. The looming immigration of millions of Americans follows the recent primary victories of Donald Trump, a stunning result that many Canadian pundits have blamed for the impending migratory crisis. “They’re going to come in mass … Read More

Seniors for a Cure

By Steven Witkin ’16 Some might say the most urgent issue facing our school system is a lack of funds or overcrowded classrooms, but the true crisis is much less apparent. Senioritis afflicts a large portion of the Sherwood community, resulting in major drops in productivity, student interest, and first-period attendance. This incurable condition was thought to be a hopeless … Read More

You Can’t Spell Satan without SAT

By Natalie Murray ’18 How far would you go to pass the SAT, a major source of stress and anxiety for students everywhere? In order to do well, some students get a tutor, some take an SAT prep class, and others, like junior Lilith LaVey, sell their soul. “I was watching Supernatural, like, a week before the SAT, and I … Read More

The Housewives are Coming to Olney

By Will Van Gelder ’16 The sensation known as “The Real Housewives” is coming to our very own town of Olney. The Olney edition will be an offshoot after the newly airing “Real Housewives of Potomac.” Olney was an obvious choice as it exudes class and style, which of course is necessary for any reality show. The show airing in … Read More

Drones to Land in the Fast Food Industry

By Chase Wilson ’17 Starting January 19, Papa John’s Pizza will offer a delivery service to the citizens of the greater Olney area via quadcopter drones. “We are very excited to offer this method of delivery to our many customers. It’s been a long, hard trip but this revolutionary technology will change the future of food as we know it,” … Read More

MCPS Closes School Due to Forecast Of Snow

By Madison Dymond and Milan Polk ’16 Yesterday, Montgomery County officials decided to close schools next week due to a 70-percent chance of one inch of snow. Fairfax County in Virginia canceled, making the decision to cancel classes two days earlier. In the past, MCPS has been met with opposition to its late cancellations and poor judgment in the face … Read More