Valentine’s Day Expectations

by Emma Shuster ‘18 According to tradition, girls care more about Valentine’s Day than boys do, possibly because the day is a perfect opportunity for a boy to show how much he cares about a girl by performing extravagant romantic acts and buying lavish gifts. With the big day less than a week away, we decided to put this stereotype … Read More

How To Get Your Teacher To Like You

by Alex Le ‘17 1. Define the Relationship Ideally, this teacher is not just your mentor, but eventually your friend. In order for this to happen, you need to establish the type of relationship you want early on. Tease your teacher like you would your friends about his/her looks by saying, “Late night? That ex- plains why your hair looks … Read More

You’re Done With College Apps. Now What?

by Lydia Velazquez ‘17 I will admit, it feels like the past three years of school have all been in preparation for one thing: applying to college. All the rigor- ous courses, unnecessarily high level of involvement in extracur- riculars, and acquirement of a tri- ple-digited number of volunteer hours simply to be compressed into a ve-page PDF le for … Read More

The Aftermath to the Election

by Jonathan Chang ‘17 Hillary Clinton: Even with therapy, Clinton has struggled to get over one of the most shocking upsets in presidential election his- tory. After spending days eating ice cream and watching sitcoms, Clinton nally pulled herself to- gether to speak at the Children’s Defense Fund gala. She then promptly returned to watching re- runs of “West Wing” … Read More

Who Stays, Who Goes, Who Gets Sold

by Natalie Murray ‘18 In the hit Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” Alexander Hamilton declares that he will “not throw away his shot.” Following in the footsteps of her idol, senior Me- lissa “Millie” Price decided to take any and every measure nec- essary to not waste her shot—that is, her shot to see the award-win- ning musical. A longtime theatre fan, … Read More

The Oddest Laws Across America

by Meghan Kimberling ‘17 While on your winter break, you may travel to different states, either to visit family or just for some fun. But be careful, because laws can change across state lines (and not always for the better). Keep in mind, there are some ridiculous bills and regulations that have made it past the state legislatures to actually … Read More

AP Chem Class Now a PoCHEMon Go Class

by Natalie Murray ‘18 Children of all ages had taken advantage of the warm summer afternoon, wandering around parks with their phone, sliding or vigorously tapping the screen. They were all playing Pokémon Go, a newly released app that quickly became a cultural phenomenon – one that even extended to some adults, like Science teacher Mike Miehl. Though he was … Read More

Fringe Candidate Has Little Support

by Jonathan Chang ‘17 The upcoming presidential election currently has some of the most unpopular candidates in history. Due to this, there has been an uptick in support for third-party candidates such as Libertarian Gary Johnson. Young people still disillusioned by the Mainstream candidates are even looking beyond these candidates to the hope that flaming meteor will destroy us all. … Read More

How To Pick Up Babes

by Alex Le ‘17 1. Make your presence known: be different. Babes are a rarity, so it’s guaranteed that you won’t be her only pursuer. While other guys may woo her with sweet compliments and nice conversation, you will do the opposite. Insult her every chance you get to stand out from the crowd. She has dozens of dudes everyday … Read More