Students Respond to Absence of Exams

by Lexi Paidas ‘17 When normally the halls would be filled with the sounds of students running around asking teachers questions and for extra last-second help, only an eerie silence remained. The first semester without exams has produced much different student attitudes than expected. Instead of being happy and relaxed without the weight of exams on their shoulders, students are … Read More

How To Deal with the Fact That You’re Single

by Alex Le ‘17 1) Utilize Friendships In your times of trials and tribulations with singleness, friendship is the ultimate remedy. To deal with being single and sad, you’re going to need the support of your friends 24/7. While real-life friends are great, they aren’t awake every hour of the day like the Internet. The best way to make online … Read More

New Hunger Games Survival Class Strives To Prepare Students for Trump Presidency

by Natalie Murray ‘18 Following the election, many young people expressed uncertainty about Donald Trump running the country. Some feared for their rights, their safety, and even their lives. However, most teenagers that are wary of a Trump presidency feel unable to do anything to assuage these fears, so English and Theatre teacher Chris Goodrich decided to take action. He … Read More

New Program Prevents Students from Roaming Hallways or Leaving at Lunch

by Chase Wilson ‘17 Sherwood is spearheading a revolutionary pilot program in an attempt to control the increasing number of wandering students in the halls. The program separates chosen students from the rest of the student body by moving them into a section of the school that has been made completely escape-proof. Labeled “Purposefully Punctual,” the program is expected to … Read More

Administration Hires Bounty Hunters To Stop Students from Skipping School

by Josh Averbach ‘18 In a few months, the seniors will participate in a phenomenon known as “Senior Skip Day.” As one can tell by the name, Senior Skip Day is a tradition in which the seniors collectively decide to skip school together. But this year, the tradition may be in danger. In an effort to curb the despicable behavior … Read More

Valentine’s Day Expectations

by Emma Shuster ‘18 According to tradition, girls care more about Valentine’s Day than boys do, possibly because the day is a perfect opportunity for a boy to show how much he cares about a girl by performing extravagant romantic acts and buying lavish gifts. With the big day less than a week away, we decided to put this stereotype … Read More

How To Get Your Teacher To Like You

by Alex Le ‘17 1. Define the Relationship Ideally, this teacher is not just your mentor, but eventually your friend. In order for this to happen, you need to establish the type of relationship you want early on. Tease your teacher like you would your friends about his/her looks by saying, “Late night? That ex- plains why your hair looks … Read More

You’re Done With College Apps. Now What?

by Lydia Velazquez ‘17 I will admit, it feels like the past three years of school have all been in preparation for one thing: applying to college. All the rigor- ous courses, unnecessarily high level of involvement in extracur- riculars, and acquirement of a tri- ple-digited number of volunteer hours simply to be compressed into a ve-page PDF le for … Read More