Did You Know Some People Can Hear Colors?

by Natalie Murray ‘18 Some people associate every letter or number with a certain color, every pattern or sequence with a particular personality, or every name with a different taste. These people are called synesthetes, as they have variations of an interesting condition called synesthesia. Synesthesia is denied as “the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or … Read More

Race for Best Grades Leaves Intrinsic Learning in the Dust

by Shawn Yaftali ‘17 A classroom’s collection of ambitious students can be placed in two distinct categories: extrin- sic and intrinsic. Extrinsic learn- ers desire external rewards, like praise or good grades for their ef- forts in school. Those who are in- trinsic seek internal rewards such as thorough comprehension of the topic. This major difference stems from students’ attitudes. … Read More

Hidden Gems for the Community

Everyone knows that Olney is home to multiple national food stores, banks, and restaurants. In the midst of all of these locations, the unique, local, family-owned shops are often neglected. El Andariego “El Andariego” or “The Wanderer,” after whom the Vasquez’s family restaurant is called is the result of their wandering journey—a journey to set down roots and to share … Read More

Local Tradition Delivers Happiness for the Holidays

by Danielle Tobb ‘17 The sound of the re truck’s sirens in mid-December signals the arrival of one of the area’s much-anticipated traditions: the Santa Run. No, contrary to what you may think, this is not a San- ta-themed 5K. Since the 1970s, the Sandy Spring Volunteer Fire Department (SSVFD) has ridden around the local neighborhoods on Christ- mas Eve … Read More

Life Hacks

By Kayla Cohen ‘17 Life Hacks Become a Trend Over the course of the last decade, You- Tube has evolved into an online sensation. People from all over the world can watch almost any video on topics ranging from makeup tutorials to cute animals through a single website. 2015 saw the rise of “Life Hack” videos as a new trend. … Read More

Child Development Offers Internship Opportunities

by Lauren MacFadden ‘17 Many high school students struggle to figure out what they might want to do for a career after college. To help students consider their options for the future, Sherwood has multiple programs focusing on fields such as medicine, engineering, and teaching. The teaching program is completed through the child development course taught by Beth Bonita where … Read More

A Procrastinator’s Heroic Search for Homework Help

by Isabella Pilot ‘18 Their posters are scattered throughout the hallways of schools across the county. Their name is occasionally spoken in classrooms or on the announcements, not to be heard again for months at a time. Their logo appears momentarily on the MCPS website before blending in with the hundreds of other features and announcements. They are: Homework Hotline … Read More

Finstas Become The Real Deal

by Lydia Velazquez ‘17 With the prevalence of social media in today’s society, it is easy for one’s life to be viewed and judged by anyone. It’s just as easy to filter one’s life to appear as “perfect” as possible. However, the social media trend of “finstas” has begun to dismantle the expectation of appearing perfect online. “Finstas,” fake instas, … Read More

New Administrator Brings Experience to Position

 by Journalism Class New assistant principal Maychel Harris brings more than three decades of MCPS experience—including as a security guard, paraeducator, English teacher, resource teacher, and assistant athletic director—to his job. Harris previously worked as an administrator for 10 years at Springbrook; he replaces Sandi Williams, who left Sherwood to become an assistant principal at Wheaton. Harris’s first MCPS job, … Read More

Sherwood Confessions

Sherwood Confessions By Ketki Chauhan In late 2012, a new phenomenon called confession pages, spread among high school students. These pages allowed for people to anonymously submit posts that would later appear on a social media account like Twitter or Facebook. This trend had even reached Sherwood during the current senior’s freshman year. As a tribute and throwback to this … Read More