Black Students Celebrate Culture This Month

by Lucy Kuchma ’18 Twenty years ago, Sherwood did nothing more than putting up a few posters to celebrate Black History Month, although the school’s demographics were almost exactly the same back then as they are now. This year, students from the Black Student Union (BSU) are combining their passions for the appreciation of black culture to really show their … Read More

Student Coaches Allied Sports Teams

by Danielle Katz ‘18 Many MCPS students enjoy being a part of sports teams, whether they play or manage. However, Junior Jett Clarke took his managing role to the next level, serving as Sherwood’s first ever student head coach. After participating in handball freshman year, Clarke decided to join the basketball team, which resulted in his ineligibility to play handball … Read More

Speaker Teaches from Experience

by Adam Levine ‘20 In chemistry classes at Sherwood, Fridays may also be known as “Thomas Friday,” a name coined by the chemistry teachers who organized the weekly, specialized learning class period. The day gets its name from the guest speaker, Robert Thomas, who comes to the school weekly to speak about chemistry and its applications to the real world. … Read More

Student Takes on Going Vegan during November

by Sofia Estela ‘20 For the entire month of November I decided to challenge myself to go vegan, and the main reason as to why I embarked on this journey was to complete my overall goal of being healthier. I decided that clean eating would be my first step. There was no specific source for my idea besides the fact … Read More

Many Common Illnesses Have Natural Remedies

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19 Americans are justifiably known for their dependency on medications to solve a majority of health ailments. A Google Trends Comparison from November 5 to November 11 shows that on a rage from 1 to 100 (100 representing the peak popularity of a searched term), medication-related searches ranked 97 in popularity in the United States while natural … Read More

Internships Offer Students Many Notable Skills and Opportunities

by Alex Nnabue ‘18 My internship at the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office has enabled me to assist in a variety of county-wide programs, but my favorite one has been the Truancy Prevention Program (TPP). I intern for a prosecuting attorney who is the head of the office’s community outreach team and serves as a TPP facilitator at various middle … Read More

Choosing Your Charities

by Dinah Aguilar ‘19 In wake of the recent natural disasters in the United States and around the world, people are looking for a way to help. Many believe that donating to charities and organizations is the best way to go about this, but very few look to see how the money is actually used. In the past year the … Read More

Teacher Ready for New Year

by Danielle Katz ‘18 What about your experiences as a Sherwood student inspired you to return here, just a few years later, to teach? When I attended Sherwood, I remember all of the guidance, support, and enthusiasm of the teachers at SHS. All of the teachers I had were so passionate about their subject area and responded exceptionally well to … Read More

College Applications Bring Stress for Seniors in the Fall

by Emma Shuster ‘18 “Make sure you have a transcript!” “Make sure that your teachers have submitted all of your letters of recommendations!” “Your essay needs to be creative and have the reader fall in love with you!” “Applications are due in less than two weeks!” These are all just a fraction of the phrases that make fall one of … Read More

There Is a Decrease in Teen ‘Rites of Passage’

by Peter Niverth ‘18 A recent study on teenage behavior points out a steady decline in the number of teenagers who have their driver’s license, go on dates, work for pay, or have tried alcohol. These activities long have been regarded as a “rite of passage” into adulthood that was expected of teenagers. However, this does not appear to be … Read More