What’s the Buzz About BuzzFeed?

by Priyanka Paudel ‘19 “Which Famous Family Do You Belong To Based On Three Random Questions?” Clearly, I am a part of the Miley Cyrus family. What about you? If you don’t know to which clan you belong, BuzzFeed has the answer to that quiz and more, as well as videos and news. BuzzFeed’s audience has swelled to over 200 … Read More

Students Perform Together in Music Class

by Lizi Thach ‘18 Music is an interest that appeals to many students here at Sherwood, but not all students are able to take the music class they desire. Thanks to the ingenuity of some band students, kids with special needs are able to experience a real music class—many for the first time. This effort first began when Special Education … Read More

Junior Aims for Theatrical Career

by Lydia Velazquez ‘17 Dreams are frightening, no doubt about it, especially in a day and age when the “future” is constantly at teenagers’ throats and it seems more reasonable to pursue a career that guarantees stability rather than fulfilling a dream. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to major in something that provides a sense of security, junior … Read More

Did You Know There is a Reason for Spring Fever?

by Leah Peloff ‘18 As the weather warms up and spring is in full bloom, many students are hit hard with the desire to be outside enjoying themselves instead of being cooped up in some small, stuffy classroom. This distraction from educational duties is largely due to the mere happiness and excitement that an increase in sunlight sparks in people … Read More

Students Share Music through SoundCloud

by Alleigh Keyes ‘16 Before he presses upload, sophomore Khari Johnson checks to confirm his track is mastered. Then, he listens to it a couple more times to make sure it sounds perfect. He decides to promote the track by releasing clips of it before he fully releases his original beats and rap songs. At the click of a button, … Read More

Psychology Explains Fears Versus Phobias

By Madison Dymond ’16 Everyone has fears. Most of us shudder at the thought of bugs crawling up our arms or feel our hearts racing before a big presentation, and we all have a survival instinct that makes us fear anything that may lead us to harm or even death. Few, however, are so afraid of something that it prevents … Read More

Sherwood’s Early School Years

Compiled by Jacob Golomb ’16 1883 THE FOUNDING OF SHERWOOD: We begin our journey in a small, wooded area in the predominantly Quaker community of Sandy Spring. Tucked within these trees was a large farm owned by Miss Mary Roberts. The Roberts’ called this the “Sherwood Farm” due to the resemblance to the Sherwood Forest in the tale of Robin … Read More

Art Department Goes to Europe for Spring Break

By Danielle Katz ’18 The art department will take its annual spring break trip in Paris and London this year. From March 24 to April 2, participants have the opportunity to tour these cities focusing on the unique art and artistic landmarks these locations have to offer. This year, art teacher Angela Praisner organized the trip. The ten days will … Read More

What’s in a Name? Hunting for a Meaning

By Alleigh Keyes ’16 Although they share the same name, sophomore and senior Joseph Hunt excel in different areas of interest. Hunt ‘18 plays varsity football, JV basketball and JV baseball, while Hunt ‘16 stars in school productions including Rock ‘n’ Roll and CAST shows. At the tender age of 6, Hunt ‘18 started to play football for OBGC. His … Read More