Ertzman To Get a Needed Facelift

by Lucy Kuchma ‘18

This summer, the school auditorium will get a significant change; those glorious mustard-colored seats and ratty, molded carpet will be torn out and swapped out for more modern and polished touches. The seats themselves will be completely torn out and replaced, and the aisles will be recarpeted; as of now, the color scheme is set to reflect Sherwood’s proud blue and black, but, yellow is for sure off the table.

Towards the end of each academic year, an MCPS maintenance team visits each school to record structural issues and ensure everything is up to code. A few years ago, the team concluded Sherwood’s Ertzman Theatre failed to meet ADA disability standards set by the state of Maryland, as it was last updated in the mid-1970s, so the proposed project was placed on a list of upcoming county renovations. Slowly but surely, the school moved up the list, and funds became available for the much-needed reno. The need for the project became even more apparent after the flood in the spring of 2015 that caused damage to the carpet and floor in the theatre. The county scheduled for a crew to come in as soon as summer vacation begins to get the job done prior to the start of the 2017-2018 school year.

Additionally, students will return in the fall to newly resurfaced tennis courts matching the blue interior and green rim used by the U.S. Tennis Association. The court will be a painted rubber synthetic surface, similar to those frequently used in the pros.