Apple Explores Technology Options for New iPhone 8

by Lexi Paidas ‘17

Whether an intentional marketing ploy or not, Apple is famous in the tech world for the rumors that always surround its upcoming products. Apple’s newest iPhone rumor is about the iPhone 8 and has been written about by multiple sources like Business Insider. The iPhone 8, coming out in late 2017, apparently will have an edge-to-edge display of 5.8 inches. Due to this change, Apple is experimenting with different technology options. Apple is considering putting the touch ID function underneath of the screen. Seeing as the company was just granted a patent for ID technology to work through the screen, this seems like a probable change. However, the most likely and talked about option would be to remove the home button and the touch ID access option, and to add in the first-ever iPhone 3D laser facial recognition.

Implementing 3D laser facial recognition would stop Apple customers’ frustration as the touch ID capability does not work in wet settings and would allow users to access their phones when wearing gloves. If this new screen and potential facial recognition technology is implemented, it is predicted that it would increase production costs and end up driving up the price of the iPhone8 by $100.

Apple is predicted to announce the new features of the iPhone8 as early as June 5 at the Apple Developers Worldwide Conference (WWDC 2017).