Boys’ Tennis Is a Contender in Division 2

by Connor Brady ‘17 and Josh Averbach ’18

Boys’ varsity tennis got a late jump on the spring season because missed scrimmage opportunities due to the weather. Despite the slow start, the team may become a real force to win division 2. The team is currently 2-2, with a win against Seneca Valley and Northwood and losses to Wootton and Whitman.

Each match consists of seven smaller matches. The teams compete in seven matches (four singles and three doubles), and whichever team wins the majority of these courts wins the entire competition. Sherwood’s number one and two singles players are seniors Matt Bent and Jeremy Bloom, respectively. Sophomores Chris Ryan and Yusuf Higazi occupy the third and fourth singles spots. At first doubles, Sherwood features senior John Kronlage and junior Robert Singer. At second doubles are juniors Josh Averbach and Matt Levine. Finally, the third doubles spot is a rotation; two of seniors David Golding and Farazz Meher and sophomore Nathan Lampshire will play depending on the match.

“This year we have the best depth I’ve seen in all my years as a player here at Sherwood,” said senior Matt Bent. “There usually are a few really good players, but this year we have an entire team full of great players.” There are more players on the roster than in the past few years. The team currently has a roster of 22 players.

According to Bent, the only opponent Sherwood could lose to in the division without it being called an upset would be B-CC. They are the tennis powerhouse Sherwood has circled on their calendar as the only true threat standing in the way of a division 2 championship. This will occur April 29th at B-CC. There are a few division one teams that Sherwood may well lose to. The Warriors lost to Wootton 7-0 in the first match of the season on March 21, for example. However, these matches against non-divisional opponents will not affect Sherwood’s quest for a division title. Following a loss, tennis cruised by Seneca Valley to a 7-0 on March 23.

Last year, boys’ tennis went 6-4-1, a respectable record. Now, the players feel they can improve on their record and perhaps even go undefeated in the division. “This year we can improve our record and make a run for the division 2 championship,” said senior Jeremy Bloom who is excited to play on the same team as his freshman brother, Eli. The players truly feel they have a special team this year that can win the division for the first time in many years.

In tennis, the school’s team competes for their division. Instead of a traditional state championship tournament, individual players and doubles pairs compete in their own tournaments. There are separate tournaments for each singles and doubles spots. Players begin by playing in a county tournament, and, if they win, can advance to regionals then states.