Where’s the Spirit?

by Alex Le ‘17

With Jamfest coming to Sherwood this Friday, February 10, I can’t help but notice the lack of excitement and activity within the student body. For weeks now, I’ve constantly asked my peers and friends to come to Jamfest, only to hear, “No, I don’t want to.” They refuse to even give it a chance, instead deciding to further themselves from being associated with any school-sponsored events.

While there are a few students who embrace the pep rallies, sporting events, and spirit days, the majority of the student body remains disinterested and inactive. There seems to be a negative stigma surrounding school spirit at Sherwood. Instead of embracing and complimenting a student who went “all out” for wacky tacky day, it seems as if he/she is met with judgmental looks, discouraging him/her from participating in Spirit Day again.

The best high school memories are filled with vivid images of packed student sections, rowdy pep rallies, and fun school dances with friends. Resisting school spirit will only act as a detriment to the overall high school experience, so cast away the fear of judgment and ridicule and embrace the Sherwood spirit!