Teachers Lose Papers

by Katherine Sperduto ‘19

Students hold the most responsibility when it comes to their learning and performance in school. However, a number of teachers at Sherwood should really ask themselves if they are truly helping students succeed.

Throughout my two years at Sherwood, I have had numerous teachers who seem incapable or unwilling to perform the most basic tasks of an effective teacher. One teacher of mine consistently lost papers, not just once, but multiple times. Students would then have to redo the assignment, only for the teacher to find it days after.

Another teacher of mine was consistently showing up 10-15 minutes late to first period class, resulting in security babysitting a class of high school students for the time being. This teacher has also walked out of the classroom in the middle of a lesson, leaving that same group of wild teenagers to their own mischief.

The list goes on. A teacher who didn’t return assignments. Another who gave bad grades because she didn’t agree with the student’s opinion, and another teacher who clearly doesn’t know the material. Organization in the classroom is critical to students success and in reality, their success reflects the quality of teaching they receive.