Quadruplets: Four Peas in a Pod

by Emma Shuster ‘18

Sherwood welcomes near- ly two thousand students at the beginning of each school year. This year, Sophia, Helena, Kosta, and Catherine Ferentinos marked a rare enrollment with- in the school’s Freshman Class, being the rst and probably last set of quadruplets to enroll in the school.

“We are similar to any other family, except there are four of us,” said Sophia.

Growing up, the quadruplets tended to stick together and still do today. They were a part of the same friend group, took the same classes, and of course, assist- ed each other with the previous nights’ homework. If you were to ask any of the four, the best part about being a quadruplet is always having a friend. “You al- ways have someone to talk to and someone to relate to; you’re never alone,” said Helena.

On any given day, each quad nds it easy to talk with any of their siblings, despite the usual day to day arguing among broth- ers and sisters. The most common ghts that takes place in the Fer- entinos home regard clothes.

“Once we see something in a store we like, we rush over to it right away and claim it. We do not like sharing clothes, but it hap- pens most of the times anyway,” revealed Catherine.

Kosta, the only boy in the quadruplets, gets to stay out of arguments over clothes, but he also does not always have some- one to talk with about all of his interests,“Sometimes I feel lone- ly and that I can’t talk about guy stuff, but at the end of the day I am still grateful for my sisters,” said Kosta.

The quadruplets have tra- ditions just like any other fam- ily would. When they are not busy with school, homework, or friends, the four enjoy such nor- mal activities as watching movies together. The quads love celebrat- ing holidays such as Christmas and Greek Easter with their fam-

ily, and eating the delicious food their mom makes for them.

From the “What? Oh my goodness!” “How is that even possible?” “God bless your moth- er!” the quadruplets have heard it all. Though they may get annoyed at times, all four agree that the pros de nitely outweigh the cons and between them, they all have lifelong best friends.